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How Homestays Are Taking Over The Malaysian Hospitality Industry

Malaysia has always been one of the hotspots for vacations because of its exotic environment and thriving culture. The hotel industry of this enthralling land has been flourishing but recently there is a shift that has been noticed. After the word homestay was introduced to the people of Malaysia, it became an easy way to earn money for many. All they had to do is just be kind (which all the Malaysians already are).

Hence, the recent decade saw an upsurge in the number of homestays available across Malaysia. With the help of homestays, the travelers got an easy getaway to spend their staycation in, and the locals an easy way to earn some capital. This win-win situation created by all the comfortable homestays in Malaysia helped in boosting the tourism industry of it. And not only in Malaysia, but there are also many other countries all across the globe where the hospitality market has seen a flood of homestays getting opened up.

So what is it about homestays that is attracting the hospitality and tourism markets? Below is our analysis.


Traveling can be quite expensive sometimes. One of the biggest reasons why homestay accommodation in Malaysia is a booming business is because of the cost-effectiveness it serves. Many people are into traveling but they might not have enough budget to stay in luxury hotel rooms. Here, a homestay comes as a savior, as they act as the perfect option for such travelers.


If you think that a comfortable homestay in Malaysia will only provide you with the basic amenities, then you are wrong. As the homestays, all vary according to the services they provide. From simple to 5 star Homestay accommodations in Malaysia, everything is available. All you have to do is contact the right Airbnb operator and you are good to go. Many hosts also provide the option of personalizing your entire stay, all you have to do is ask them politely.

Local Interactions

One of the best parts of staying in a homestay is that you get to interact with the locals more. If you are someone who believes that vacations should be like mini-adventures then a homestay will definitely fulfill all these wishes of yours as it offers you a peek into the world of the rich culture that Malaysia has that will elevate your overall experience there. Also, be ready to gulp down some of the most delectable local dishes.

A Different Way To Explore

The homestays offer an unusual way to explore the place. If you book a tourist plan then you might go to the same places that everyone else is going to and have similar experiences as them. But when you book a homestay you get off to an untraveled path where everything you observe and feel will be counted as your unique personal experience.

Now the secrets are out as to why comfortable homestays in Malaysia are prospering. If you are someone who is thinking of opening a comfortable accommodation for all the travelers out there, now is the time. Plan and get going.

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