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Tips To Make Your Homestay Accommodation in Malaysia More Welcoming

Even after registering for the listings with all the Airbnb operators in Malaysia, decorating your homestay with proper furnishing, and making accounts in all social media sites to promote it, there are still chances that your homestay might not do well. All the necessary things that you needed to do in order to create a comfortable homestay in Malaysia have been put to use, but you might still be getting a very cold response from the consumer side. All of this must be very confusing. Thus, it becomes important to understand the reasons behind this.

As we know that the Malaysian homestay market is mostly booming as it is cheap and easily accessible. Due to this many private luxury apartment owners will also come into play. They, along with their property which is already equipped with all the amenities, will go the extra mile to attract a larger audience. This makes it hard for normal homeowners to compete.

But don’t worry below are some tips that can help you out:

  • Get it Amenity Approved

All the amenities that you are providing in your homestay accommodation in Malaysia must always be well-managed. This means that not only refilling but maintenance and cleanliness, this as common as these must always be at the top of your to-do list. You can always explore what your competitors are doing and try to keep up with them. Keep on revamping your property so that if any of your clients visit again, they always get to see something new.

  • Be Always Ready to Answer

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc, you are on every social media site but still no luck with the bookings. The key here is that if your audience is not engaging with you, you start engaging with the audience. Start posting some funny quizzes or start asking questions like where they would love to spend their summer vacations, etc. With the help of such activities, you will not only attract more traffic but also develop a good reputation. Also try to answer any of your audience’s questions, whether they are related to your homestay or the Malaysian culture.

  • Become Their Local Friends

If the ones coming to your comfortable homestay in Malaysia are coming there for the very first time, be prepared to become their local friends. They might be full of curiosity about the mystic Malaysian lands. You can solve all their queries and make them feel just at home with your hospitality. Prepare a list in advance about the places that are nearby to your homestay which your visitors can easily visit. The list can be of cafes, restaurants, parks, monumental sites, anything worth visiting. And don’t forget to tell them about your culture and some folktales related to it.

Remember to have patience with a homestay business as it takes time for the travelers to actually land in a good place. But make sure when they do, you are ready to make their trip even more memorable.

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