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An Insight Into Airbnb | Why Choose Airbnb

Airbnb has emerged as one of the most liked accommodation facilities in recent years by the majority of travelers all over the world. Although Airbnb was formed in 2008, it has flourished in the last few years. It has given an opportunity to travel lovers to explore more number of countries and locations globally, the type of safety and options it offers to its customers is exceptional.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is basically an online platform that helps linking people who want to rent out their properties to the travelers who come to stay in that location and are looking for easy accommodation. The online giant currently covers more than 80,000 cities worldwide and 190 countries. Staying with Airbnb enables you to stay and choose from a wide variety of accommodation, from basic futons on the floor to very good apartments in funky neighborhoods to beachfront vacation homes. And since almost all of what you pay goes directly to the owner, you keep your money close to the ground.

Why choose Airbnb?

There several reasons to choose Airbnb when you are going out on a vacation, let’s see the different aspects:

  • A broader variety of choices

Airbnb has a large number of options of various types of properties listed on the Airbnb website, such as single room accommodation, a suite of rooms, studios, luxurious yachts, houseboats, easy homestays, even a castle, all as per the customers' choice.

  • Free listing

For listing their assets, hosts don't need to pay. Listings might incorporate written explanations, beautiful images, and a user profile where potential visitors may get to know the hosts a little bit.

  • Easy searches

It offers easy and customizable searches to the guests, Airbnb database offers searches both by date and location, as well as by price, property type, resources, facilities, and the host's language. For better results, you may refine your search, and may also add keywords in local languages as per the search capability of the Airbnb database.


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