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Avoid these mistakes while promoting your rental property on Instagram!

If you are a successful rental property owner, and still wondering how to widen your reach on Instagram, then read these mistakes suggested by the 5-star Homestay accommodation Malaysia that you might be making unknowingly. Sometimes we don’t understand why we are getting less traffic on our websites or social media (in this case), the answers are quite clear if you have the correct approach, you will surely have a huge footfall in your short-term rental property.

Instagram has become one of the most talked-about players among all the social media platforms. You could be crushing it on Instagram, racking up shares, comments, and likes, and feeling a great sense of accomplishment. Alternatively, at times, you may not be having a single clue about what to post and how to promote your business. Therefore, as a result, you have either not begun or given up completely.

But it's time to face the facts, are you doing it right?

Read these amazing tips that will help you avoid the mistakes you might be making on Instagram:

  • Using the inappropriate hashtags

These hashtags work like your life saviors while you are on Instagram these help your post to reach the target audience. Hence, using appropriate hashtags is necessary if you are looking to promote the business here. We use hashtags to find the content they like and also join hashtags to find it. Use hashtags related to local events, the kinds of people who visit your location, and other travel-related hashtags as well.

  • Start engaging with your followers

This could be a huge mistake if you are not following the rule of engaging back and forth with your followers. A healthy interaction is required to be built with your audience on social media. Return the favor, or at the very least, get through your followers' feeds some couple of days a week, comment on their images, like their posts, and so on. They will answer if you let them know you're there.

  • Be regular with the stories and highlights

Instagram stories are quite fun and help you reach your followers very easily. You may make a video montage out of many photographs or produce video clips. Consider if you can make your story have a start and an end. You might tell a story about a day trip from your location to a nearby local attraction. You may also make these stories highlights and save them forever in your profiles.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, you are the person behind your story rental property promotions, and you must take care of what your Instagram profile looks like to your audience. You are concerned with the comfort of your visitors. People would like to interact with you and schedule your property for their vacations. And next time you are in our city, choose our comfortable homestay in Malaysia!

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