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Finding a Place to Reside in Malaysia as a Digital Nomad

The term ‘digital nomad’ is used for a person who works remotely from a different country, coffee shops, co-working spaces like public libraries, or recreational vehicles. The worldwide lockdown due to the spread of Covid-19 has encouraged growth in the community of digital nomads from all across the world. If you identify yourself as a Digital Nomad, then no matter which part of the world you belong to; you constantly deal with the problem of deciding your accommodation to set up a workstation.

Malaysia is a beautiful country and a perfect destination for a nomadic lifestyle. It is a peaceful place with mesmerizing locations. One can peacefully work there without being interrupted by the hustle and bustle of a full-time office and unwind during their free time. Living in a comfortable homestay in Malaysia is the ultimate aim of anyone who works on the go.

Where can a Digital Nomad consider living while traveling?


Employees of many big organizations like Twitter and Facebook have completely been working remotely after the lockdown. Co-living and co-working in Malaysia while working remotely is a great option for people because a laptop and a fast-speed internet connection are all that you require to be able to work. Co-living also helps people interact with like-minded people and share ideas. Nest Found is the right choice for you to meet this requirement as we provide high-speed internet on our property. Co-living reduces the cost of independent living. The only downside of co-living is that one will have to share some services like kitchen, dining area, or bathroom; communally. If one is not an outgoing person or prefers their own space then this is not the right option for them.


A rented property gives you much more privacy when compared to a co-living property. Nest Found provides the best homestay accommodation in Malaysia. We provide a fully furnished homestay with a parking lot, free wifi, and cleaning facilities that are suitable for setting up a workstation for someone who is working remotely. These appliances are rented for longer periods like a month or more. A good choice for renting an apartment for the short term is using Airbnb. Nest Found is one of the best Airbnb operators in Malaysia.

Identifying your needs and resources

One, as a digital nomad is always on the go. So, one must identify their personal preferences and budget to plan out their homestay. If one is on a tight budget while traveling a co-living environment will keep your expenses in check. But if one is willing to spend a little more to suit their comfort then a 5-star Homestay accommodation in Malaysia is the right choice for them.

For nomads who fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum; can choose from the plethora of properties being offered by Nest found. Nest found offers short-term, long-term, and medium-term accommodations, suiting your needs and preferences. For more details related to homestays offered, visit us on

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