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Safety Measures For Homestays Post Covid-19!

The covid-19 pandemic has brought havoc upon the world since the beginning of this year, with the world going under lockdown for months, people have been suffering huge amounts of losses since its inception. This also led to a reduction in the number of travelers throughout the world. Talking about the various rules and regulations imposed by governments worldwide, the hospitality business saw a setback post covid scenario.

Now that the world has resumed back to normal, the hotels and homestays have also started functioning normally yet again. Although the hospitality industry needs to be cautious and strictly follow hygiene and cleanliness to bring back its customers.

Below are some of the major factors that need to be considered:

  • Revamp cleaning and hygiene

The most important factor for maintaining your business post covid is revamping your hygiene methodologies. Security and wellbeing are highly regarded after the outbreak by the customers. Specifically, more than 80% of potential customers are worried about room hygiene and service staff wellbeing. The cleaning method should also be streamlined carefully. Take care of the sanitizations done at your place.

  • Work on the physical layouts

Although homestays are the safest spaces for travelers as of now, we have to keep in mind the safety of our guests. The interaction between the rooms, balconies, and other open areas should be limited so that no two guests get in touch with each other and increase the risk of virus spread.

  • New ideas for visiting local markets

Guests are always eager to visit the local markets surrounding the homestays, to optimize the visits to the markets, the homestays can hire travel guides specific to their homestays and make groups so that the guests may be able to stay away from the crowd. The addition of travel support can be a beneficial add-on for customers.

Why we are safe for you!

Nest Found’ has been abiding by all the strict measures imposed by the government. We are dedicated to providing the best and safest homestay services to our guests. Our rooms and all other spaces are sanitized properly and we take care of all the extra needs of our guests and make sure that we offer them the best experience in their staycation with us!


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