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Why Homestays Are Better Than Hotels

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

These days due to extra services provided by hotels they are becoming expensive day by day. Now people have to often cancel their vacation plans due to budget or not able to find enough a hotel room where the whole family could stay together. To overcome this problem the concept of homestay was invented.

What are homestays?

Homestays mean when a resident of the place that you are going on vacation allows you to stay with them while providing you all the basic amenities in return for some capital. One could check out various homestays on Airbnb, which is a site that connects people who want to go on vacation with the local people of that place. One could travel around all over the world and see that most of the hotels are the same but when it comes to homestays they are as diverse as the place that you will be visiting.

Why should I opt for a homestay instead of a hotel?

Homestays are very different from hotels, while hotels can be fancy and provide you with a very luxurious experience, but there are certain things that they will never be able to provide.

  • Local Tips

As homestays are owned by local people mostly, so, you can ask for local tips that only the residents might know. They are more aware of their surroundings and can tell a great deal about the local cafe, shops, and hidden tourist attractions.

  • Economical

If you are someone who is planning to go on a budget tight vacation then you might

Consider renting a homestay as it would be more economical and you will get all the basic facilities like a hotel plus the comfort of home.

  • Get space of your choice

With the help of sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, one could choose whatever type of space they want, whether it be a small room or a whole house, you can select anything as your homestay.

  • Foreign Language Practice

If you are someone interested in learning different languages and dialects then homestays are the perfect choice for you, As you get to interact with local people get to understand their language in the rawest form possible which will help to learn the language more quickly.

  • Understanding the Culture better

In homestays, if you are staying with the host then you will get a deep insight into their culture as well, for example, if you are staying in any European country you will be drinking tea more often or if you are visiting India you might end up being a part of one their festival celebrations and there are many more examples.

  • Best for Solo Travellers

If you are a solo traveler, then you will be looking for a more budget-friendly and laid backstay. All this can be easily provided by booking a homestay.

Homestays allow you to also stay with countryside people if you want to get away from your busy city life. With so many advantages and little to hold you back do plan your vacations today.

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